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Your Job Search Ends Here: Opportunities and Actions Plans

by Apurva Damani,

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Unfortunately, the situation is grim for millions of Indians. Since the coronavirus pandemic forced India into lockdown, over a hundred million Indians are striving to find employment. Around 122 million have lost their jobs; of these, 91.3 million were mostly small traders and daily wage labourers.

However, India Inc is also in a crisis. A large number of salaried workers (17.8 million) and self-employed people (18.2 million) have also lost work. Recruitment at varying experience levels has fallen across the board, including middle management, senior management and leadership roles. For freshers and graduates, entry-level experience bands (0 to 3 years) have witnessed the sharpest decline in hiring.

Here is how the work and business scenarios look like:

How Basis is pitching in

We understand that these are trying times for everyone, and we want to do our little bit to help. At Basis, we have taken the initiative to collate a list of companies that are hiring. These companies, (including Basis) are looking for talent across various verticals, including roles in marketing, operations and technology. We have included the company name, job description and the website link and relevant contact information of the hiring manager. You can find all this information in the attached document below.

Basis collated hiring list
Download XLSX • 19KB

Some things you can do

We recognize that job security, especially for women is of paramount importance. We have put together a resource guide for you to leverage the situation and find alternate avenues for work.

1. Understand where you stand, by knowing how your sector will fare and how your company has planned for business continuity in the coming months.

2. If you find yourself at risk, have a conversation with your managers and team. Your value at a company can increase if you can use your skills to help the employer sustain and grow during a crisis.

3. Know that there might always be room to negotiate and try to present solutions at such negotiations.

4. Know your rights as an employee before you accept any offer or deal at work and have the communication on official mail.

5. Build your own brand, work for a project at a startup if you have the bandwidth, attend upskilling courses, many which may be available free during the lockdown.

6. Reach out to your circle of friends, family and colleagues to know about opportunities.

If your company is hiring and you would like to reach out to women on our platform mail us with the job details to

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