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When money lessons are fun

Spend time with your kids, have fun, teach and learn a few money lessons at the same time. Sounds like a win-win-win situation, doesn’t it? That’s because playing board games with your children can be a fun conversation starter to teach them about money (and learning something yourself too).

Here are a few suggestions (not a definitive or sponsored list, and in no particular order)from us of games that might be a very common game to some really new ones. They can teach a whole range of subjects from banking, purchasing, financial planning and money management in general. Each game is suitable for different age groups and is priced differently. So, as always with any purchase find what suits your interest and pocket the best.

1. Game of Life

Wish you got a second chance to do things in your life? That’s what this game can help you with while reminding the importance of financial planning.

2. Time and Money

Two things that can be in limited supply. Dig into activities with this game that can help players to manage these two resources and get rewarded for doing it right.

3. Monopoly

No one needs an introduction to this game, it has been around and played for generations and has taken many avatars now. One of them is an electronic version where players only have debit cards and no paper money anymore. Discuss each other’s choices to help children build a sound financial decision-making process.

4. Cashflow

This is more an adult game but one you can surely play with your teenage children. It is the game developed by Robert Kiyosaki author of the much-read book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The tagline of the game is “How to get out of the rat race”. It simulates real-life financial situations and strategies, teaching about investing right and growing your money.

5. PayDay

Designed visually like a monthly calendar, where all the players get a salary. They have to spend to pay bills and get things done. As in life, the one who has saved the most with the least debt at the end of the month is the winner.

Are there different games that you play, perhaps online? What are other ways that you talk about money to your children? Share it with us and other mothers, we are all ears.

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