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Invest like a (Bollywood) star

Bollywood’s finest actresses are also some of India’s smartest investors. It’s about time their financial planning strategies also took the spotlight.

What would you do if $10 million landed in your bank account? Most of us would probably book tickets for a world tour, buy that ridiculously expensive sports car that can only be driven at 40kmh on Indian roads, go shopping like there’s no tomorrow, and then wonder where all the money went. Bollywood’s leading ladies know better. Take Priyanka Chopra, for instance. She made $10 million in 2017 and has the lifestyle to prove it (the ₹. 4.5 crore Rolls Royce Ghost is a case in point), but is investing more than she’s spending. She’s in good company; other Bollywood heroines are using some shrewd financial planning to multiply their earnings. It’s proof that wealth isn’t just about what you get paid, but where you invest. It’s time to take notes.

While we are talking about Bollywood stars here, let’s get real, they probably have a large amount of wealth to invest, but do note, that they aren’t leaving it in the bank but investing it to grow and sustain their future life.

Invest in the future

Bollywood’s leading ladies are also taking the lead in funding companies. Priyanka Chopra is putting her might behind tech ventures like Holberton School and Bumble. Deepika Padukone, who in 2018 became the first woman on Forbes’ list of the top 5 richest Indian celebrities, recently picked up a stake in Epigamia. Alia Bhatt, meanwhile, followed her interest in fashion to invest in StyleCracker, a personalised styling platform. What’s the moral of this Bollywood story? Investing in emerging industries could be a great secondary, and eventually primary, source of income.

Deepika Padukone has started funding companies through her strategic investment firm, KA Enterprise.

Save before you splurge

A middle-class upbringing has made most actresses cautious about their finances. As a child, Deepika had to earn her pocket money, which taught her the value of every rupee. Priyanka prefers to save first and spend only what remains. Parineeti Chopra studied finance before turning to the spotlight and applies her education well. The actress prefers government securities and mutual funds, and is very disciplined about her investments.

Choose diverse investment options

Actresses aren’t just finding different ways to leverage their star power, but also invest their earnings. Apart from investing in films, Sonam Kapoor also has an eye for art and real estate. Priyanka Chopra also has a slew of homes across Mumbai that she rents out. Deepika has her own clothing label, as does Sonam. It turns out that there are a million ways to make your millions.

Sonam Kapoor follows her passions – fashion, film and art – when choosing investment options.

Trust the pros

Multi-hyphenates they may be, but even Bollywood’s superwomen need a little help occasionally. Deepika’s set up a company to handle her investments, while Priyanka trusts her manager Anjula Acharia, who’s worked in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and funded start-ups herself, to inform her investment choices.

Thankfully, you too can get your own panel of financial experts at Basis, which powers personal finance for women. While what our Bollywood stars are doing are spreading their wealth across spectrums, let’s take a leaf off their book and diversify our investments as well. It takes no time for us to get started on investing, this can obviously be only done once we express the intent and take action. There is no amount too small or too large to get started.

After all, you don’t have to be a screen star or business mogul to have an ace financial planner in your corner. But then, now that you’ve got the inside scoop on how to invest like a millionaire, perhaps your first million isn’t too far behind.

To learn more about money management, discuss all things money with a community of financially independent women and get personalised guided investing, sign-up for Basis now. India’s only personal finance platform focussed on women.

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