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Check Out Upcoming Basis Events

Join upcoming events and workshops hosted by Basis in collaboration with industry experts where we discuss money management, financial concepts, investment strategies and so much more.

Basis Events Are Different

Theme-based event series: Generic is boring. We talk about specifics.

Actionable insights: Don't just learn, start taking actions by applying what you learn.

Get advice from financial experts: Get strategies & tricks that you can rely on.

Hear from industry experts: We invite subject matter experts to speak at our events.

Designed for womenOur events and workshops are designed for the unique needs of women.

Not On Basis Yet? Join Now!


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Financial concepts explained in a jargon-free manner through our in-app Boosters and exclusive webinars


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Connect with other incredible women, including experts in India's first community focused on women and money


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Get personalised money advice for investments, insurance and more! Take action towards building a financially healthier life!

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